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PSL - DL (L6T)

Company Info and Fundamentals

Principal Activities
Full NameStock No
ISIN CodeYear-End
Exchange SectorSub Sector
Par Value ()Issued Shares (Mil)
Paid-Up Cap. ( Mil)Market Capitalization (Mil)
Share Price (SGD)
Current Price0.00
Previous Close0.06
Week High0.07
Week Low0.06
Month High0.08
Month Low0.06
52-week High0.14
52-week Low0.06
Share Price Performance(%)
MTD change-100.0000
YTD change-100.0000
Today Volume('000)0
100-day Average Daily Volume ('000)0.00
Technical Indicators-A shapshot
100-day Moving average0.08
Ratio (Daily)
Dividend Yield0.00
P/E ratio-5.09

Financial Ratios
Exchange Rate*---
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity-8.9783.6058.823
Return on Revenue-43.21414.07512.916
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity23.55214.1193.073
Return on Revenue23.52513.8412.996
Gross Eps (cents) *-1.0800.7501.240
Dividend (cents) *0.0000.5000.100
Net tangible asset0.6510.5720.778
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share-0.031-0.0250.086
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Financial Ratios
2015 Q12014 Q42014 Q32014 Q2
Exchange Rate*----
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity0.129-8.978-1.903-0.826
Return on Revenue3.326-43.214-11.383-6.957
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity29.17123.55222.95122.598
Return on Revenue29.13723.52522.54922.118
Gross Eps (cents) *0.020-1.080-0.250-0.110
Dividend (cents) *0.0000.0000.0000.000
Net tangible asset0.6490.6510.6060.600
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share0.015-0.031-0.244-0.240
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
No Data Avaliable