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HTL Intl - DL (H64)

Company Info and Fundamentals

Principal Activities
The Group is one of Singapore's largest manufacturers of leather upholstered furniture. More than 70 percent of its furniture products are exported. It was founded in 1976 by the Phua brothers as a small furniture manufacturer.

In 1981, an agreement was made with G Laauser GmbH & Co, a leading German furniture manufacturer, to produce quality furniture for export. With this successful collaboration, HTL was able to tap on the design and advanced production techniques of Laauser to market its furniture internationally.

The Company has entered into an agreement with Musterring AG, an internationally-reputed name in furniture and furnishings to manufacture and market furniture under the prestigious Musterring label for major cities around the world. HTL has also secured the right to offer sub-licences to retailers to distribute Musterring furniture to a number of countries worldwide.

Its manufacturing facilities today include a 14,000 sq m plant in Kulai, West Malaysia, and 21,000 sq m plant in Kunshan, China, and a 44,000 sq m plant cum warehouse at Jurong, Singapore. It has sales offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, UK and USA. Its immediate and ultimate holding company is BEM Hldgs Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore.
Full NameHTL International Holdings LimitedStock NoH64
ExchangeSingapore Exchange (SGX)BoardMain board
ISIN CodeYear-End31-Dec
Exchange SectorManufacturingSub Sector1
Par Value (SGD)0.0000Issued Shares (Mil)416.5630
Paid-Up Cap. (SGD Mil)104.3530Market Capitalization (Mil)414.4802
Share Price (SGD)
Current Price0.00
Previous Close1.00
Week High1.00
Week Low0.99
Month High1.00
Month Low0.95
52-week High1.00
52-week Low0.21
Share Price Performance(%)
MTD change-100.0000
YTD change-100.0000
Today Volume('000)0
100-day Average Daily Volume ('000)2,853.10
Technical Indicators-A shapshot
100-day Moving average0.88
Ratio (Daily)
Dividend Yield0.00
P/E ratio-248.75

Financial Ratios
Exchange Rate*---
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity-1.0053.0370.396
Return on Revenue-0.3581.0500.128
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity1.8621.9161.631
Return on Revenue0.8070.7750.798
Gross Eps (cents) *-0.4001.2900.170
Dividend (cents) *0.0000.0000.000
Net tangible asset0.6730.6190.636
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share0.1290.5610.906
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Financial Ratios
2016 Q22016 Q12015 Q42015 Q3
Exchange Rate*----
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity0.1332.244-1.005-1.454
Return on Revenue0.0913.535-0.358-0.705
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity1.8571.9681.8621.791
Return on Revenue0.9170.8510.8070.783
Gross Eps (cents) *0.0500.940-0.400-0.590
Dividend (cents) *0.0000.0000.0000.000
Net tangible asset0.6600.6300.6730.665
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share0.014-0.0320.1290.106
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
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