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Company Info and Fundamentals

Principal Activities
United Overseas Australia Limited is a property developer and property investment company based predominantly in Kuala Lumpur and focuses on middle to high-end residential and commercial property development and investments in Kuala Lumpur.

The Group believes that its established track record in developing high quality residential and commercial property developments in prime locations within Kuala Lumpur have helped the Group builds brand loyalty in the "UOA" name. Its residential property developments are typically highvalue, multi-phased projects with a focus on the quality of workmanship, interior design and integrated landscaping to create an upmarket, desirable living environment aimed at attracting middle to high
income purchasers. Its residential property projects include fully-fitted villas and apartments. Its commercial property developments comprise mainly office buildings with retail space, for sale and lease. The Group is also co-operate and collaborate closely with Dats Management, which provides building management services for the projects its developed.

The Company's business can be categorised into four principal activities:
(a) Property Development;
(b) Construction;
(c) Property Investments; and
(d) Building Management (carried out in close co-operation and collaboration with a company known as "Dats Management Sdn. Bhd.").
Full NameUnited Overseas Australia LimitedStock NoEH5
ExchangeSingapore Exchange (SGX)BoardMain board
ISIN CodeAU000000UOS4Year-End31-Dec
Exchange SectorPropertiesSub SectorProperties
Par Value (SGD)0.0000Issued Shares (Mil)1228.4070
Paid-Up Cap. (SGD Mil)110.2680Market Capitalization (Mil)927.4473
Share Price (SGD)
Current Price0.76
Previous Close0.76
Week High0.76
Week Low0.76
Month High0.78
Month Low0.66
52-week High0.78
52-week Low0.58
Share Price Performance(%)
MTD change2.0270
YTD change19.8413
Today Volume('000)9.5
100-day Average Daily Volume ('000)28.45
Technical Indicators-A shapshot
100-day Moving average0.67
Ratio (Daily)
Dividend Yield3.31
P/E ratio10.46

Financial Ratios
Exchange Rate*---
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity6.9069.28114.498
Return on Revenue22.89235.50749.886
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity3.4812.9072.480
Return on Revenue1.8691.4631.536
Gross Eps (cents) *7.2208.42012.770
Dividend (cents) *2.5003.0003.000
Net tangible asset0.2540.2480.241
Price to cash flow ratio1.1706.8011.125
Cash for per share0.6450.1110.671
Price to book ratio0.0770.0730.067
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Financial Ratios
2019 Q22018 Q42018 Q22017 Q4
Exchange Rate*----
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity3.2326.9063.1418.961
Return on Revenue24.02222.89227.23934.281
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity3.8953.4813.0612.907
Return on Revenue2.1611.8691.5191.463
Gross Eps (cents) *3.4207.2203.1308.420
Dividend (cents) *0.5002.5002.5003.000
Net tangible asset0.2700.2540.2610.248
Price to cash flow ratio1.6541.17081.3726.801
Cash for per share0.4560.6450.0090.111
Price to book ratio0.0830.0770.0790.073
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Analysis Of Shareholdings
As At 26 March 2019

Shares Outstanding:1,427,531,912
Largest 30 Shareholders:1,387,071,657
Balance Float (%):2.84
Free Float (%):NIL

1.The Central Depository (Pte) Limited 968,689,640 67.86
2.Mahareno Sdn Bhd 89,610,716 6.28
3.Transmetro Corporation Sdn Bhd 89,610,6966.28
4.Macrolantic Technology Sdn Bhd 89,610,696 6.28
5.Wismara Sdn Bhd 57,987,093 4.06
6.Amerena Sdn Bhd 37,200,542 2.61
7.National Nominees Limited 9,847,096 0.69
8.Tan Sri Dato‘ Seri Alwi Jantan 7,562,8220.53
9.JP Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 7,318,429 0.51
10.Lay Hoon Koh 6,274,386 0.44
11.Chow Fong Wong 4,475,680 0.31
12.Colin Robert Macewan & Bronwyn Beder 3,925,000 0.27
13.Transmetro Sdn Bhd2,611,9550.18
14.Hegford Pty Ltd2,493,558 0.17
15.Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited2,138,480 0.15
16.Chartreuse Nominees Pty Ltd 1,976,359 0.14
17.Reviresco Nominees Pty Ltd 1,600,000 0.11
18.Ju Lip Chew 1,559,010 0.11
19.Cecelia Chan 1,503,178 0.11
20.Mimi Miu-Kuen Ferguson1,076,321 0.07
Historical Prices
OpenHighLowCloseVol('000)O/C RangeH/L Range
Time and Sales

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