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Lippo Malls Tr (D5IU)

Company Info and Fundamentals

Principal Activities
LMIR Trust is a Singapore-based real estate investment trust established with the principal investment objective of owning and investing on a long-term basis in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate in Indonesia that are primarily used for retail and/or retail-related purposes, and real estate related assets in connection with the foregoing purposes. The Properties are strategically located in major cities of Indonesia with large population catchment areas and are accessible via major transportation routes and highways.

Retail Malls
As at Listing Date, LMIR Trust's property portfolio will comprise seven Retail Malls with a NLA of 219,382 sq m. Five of the Retail Malls are located in Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi ("Greater Jakarta") and the remaining two in Bandung, the fourth largest populated city in Indonesia. Its initial property portfolio comprises the following seven retail malls:

1. Gajah Mada Plaza
2. Cibubur Junction
3. The Plaza Semanggi
4. Mal Lippo Cikarang
5. Ekalokasari Plaza
6. Bandung Indah Plaza
7. Istana Plaza

Retail Spaces
The Retail Spaces occupy a total NLA of 94,070 sq m and are strategically located as anchor spaces within retail malls. Three of the seven Retail Spaces are located within Greater Jakarta and four are situated in the major cities of Semarang, Medan, Madiun and Malang. Its initial property portfolio comprises the following seven retail malls:

1. Mall WTC Matahari Units
2. Metropolis Town Square Units
3. Depok Town Square Units
4. Java Supermall Units
5. Malang Town Square Units
6. Plaza Madiun
7. Grand Palladium Medan Units
Full NameLippo Malls Indonesia Retail TrustStock NoD5IU
ExchangeSingapore Exchange (SGX)BoardMain board
ISIN CodeSG1W27938677Year-End31-Dec
Exchange SectorPropertiesSub SectorEquity Real Estate Investment
Par Value (SGD)0.0000Issued Shares (Mil)2823.9880
Paid-Up Cap. (SGD Mil)908.2860Market Capitalization (Mil)635.3973
Share Price (SGD)
Current Price0.23
Previous Close0.23
Week High0.24
Week Low0.22
Month High0.25
Month Low0.22
52-week High0.26
52-week Low0.18
Share Price Performance(%)
MTD change-6.2500
YTD change23.6264
Today Volume('000)1530.5
100-day Average Daily Volume ('000)1,657.82
Technical Indicators-A shapshot
100-day Moving average0.24
Ratio (Daily)
Dividend Yield7.78
P/E ratio14.80

Financial Ratios
Exchange Rate*---
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity5.6465.3692.339
Return on Revenue26.45831.77215.332
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity0.6590.3760.596
Return on Revenue0.6590.3760.596
Gross Eps (cents) *1.5201.7300.940
Dividend (cents) *1.7502.6503.410
Net tangible asset-15.757-5.007-14.275
Price to cash flow ratio1.7151.8642.377
Cash for per share0.1310.1210.095
Price to book ratio0.2170.2250.254
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Financial Ratios
2019 Q32019 Q22019 Q12018 Q4
Exchange Rate*----
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity5.0002.9011.7334.004
Return on Revenue28.56724.33451.56718.763
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity1.0071.0270.5880.530
Return on Revenue1.0071.0270.5880.530
Gross Eps (cents) *1.5600.8300.5201.570
Dividend (cents) *1.7101.1500.5502.050
Net tangible asset-146.859-266.350-8.655-7.400
Price to cash flow ratio1.8782.8034.2241.334
Cash for per share0.1200.0800.0530.169
Price to book ratio0.1750.1730.1730.171
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
No Data Avaliable
Historical Prices
OpenHighLowCloseVol('000)O/C RangeH/L Range
Time and Sales
TypeLast DoneChangeVolume ('000)
10:19:22Buy Up0.220-0.0053.73.4
10:19:15Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-5.0
10:17:17Buy Up0.2250.0055.31.7
10:17:17Buy Up0.220-0.0053.63.3
10:16:45Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-4.0
10:15:31Buy Up0.220-0.0054.3-0.8
10:14:15Buy Up0.2250.0005.14.8
10:14:15Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-19.7
10:14:07Buy Up0.2250.00520.016.1
10:13:20Buy Up0.220-0.0053.93.6
10:11:30Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-4.9
10:10:41Buy Up0.2250.0055.21.7
10:10:41Buy Up0.220-0.0053.53.2
10:09:00Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.3
10:08:45Buy Up0.220-0.0053.6-1.4
10:06:30Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.3
10:06:30Buy Up0.2250.0005.04.7
10:06:15Buy Up0.2200.0003.60.1
10:04:25Buy Up0.220-0.0053.53.2
10:04:00Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-4.9
10:03:15Buy Up0.2250.0055.20.9
10:01:21Buy Up0.220-0.0054.34.0
10:00:30Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-4.6
09:58:00Buy Up0.2250.0004.94.6
09:58:00Buy Up0.2250.0000.30.0
09:55:30Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-1.6
09:54:56Buy Up0.2250.0001.9-3.1
09:54:12Buy Up0.2250.0005.04.7
09:52:45Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.4
09:50:53Buy Up0.220-0.0053.7-1.1
09:50:15Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.5
09:50:15Buy Up0.2250.0004.84.5
09:49:14Buy Up0.220-0.0053.81.2
09:48:12Buy Up0.2250.0002.62.3
09:47:45Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.9
09:47:32Buy Up0.220-0.0054.2-0.9
09:46:35Buy Up0.2250.0055.1-24.9
09:46:35Buy Up0.2200.00030.025.7
09:45:22Buy Up0.220-0.0054.34.0
09:44:30Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.3
09:43:54Buy Up0.220-0.0053.6-1.5
09:41:45Buy Up0.2250.0005.14.8
09:41:45Buy Up0.2250.0000.30.0
09:39:15Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-0.7
09:38:37Buy Up0.2250.0001.00.7
09:36:45Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-4.5
09:36:31Buy Up0.2250.0050.5-3.4
09:36:31Buy Up0.2250.0004.84.3
09:36:28Buy Up0.2200.0003.9-0.3
09:36:27Buy Up0.220-0.0054.2-25.8
09:36:25Buy Up0.2250.00030.024.8
09:36:12Buy Up0.2250.0055.21.0
09:36:12Buy Up0.2250.0052.8-11.4
09:36:12Buy Up0.220-0.0054.21.4
09:36:11Buy Up0.220-0.00514.2-85.8
09:36:10Buy Up0.2250.000100.095.0
09:35:36Buy Up0.2250.0005.04.7
09:34:00Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.3
09:32:19Buy Up0.220-0.0053.6-1.2
09:32:18Buy Up0.2250.0054.80.0
09:32:17Buy Up0.2250.00550.045.8
09:32:17Buy Up0.220-0.0054.8-45.2
09:32:14Buy Up0.2250.00015.014.7
09:32:14Buy Up0.220-0.0054.2-10.8
09:31:30Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-4.8
09:30:05Buy Up0.2250.0005.14.8
09:29:00Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-4.6
09:26:40Buy Up0.2250.0004.94.4
09:26:39Buy Up0.2250.0000.5-1.5
09:26:34Buy Up0.2250.0052.0-2.0
09:26:29Buy Up0.220-0.0054.03.2
09:26:28Buy Up0.2250.0000.8-4.4
09:26:24Buy Up0.2250.0055.21.6
09:26:24Buy Up0.2200.0003.6-11.0
09:26:23Buy Up0.2250.000100.099.7
09:26:23Buy Up0.220-0.00514.6-85.4
09:25:45Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-4.8
09:24:40Buy Up0.2250.0005.15.0
09:24:40Buy Up0.2250.0000.1-1.2
09:24:35Buy Up0.2250.0001.30.8
09:24:29Buy Up0.2250.0050.5-3.5
09:24:26Buy Up0.220-0.0054.0-0.9
09:24:24Buy Up0.2250.00569.065.2
09:24:24Buy Up0.2250.0054.9-3.1
09:24:24Buy Up0.220-0.0058.0-61.0
09:23:37Buy Up0.2200.0003.8-2.3
09:23:36Buy Up0.220-0.0056.11.1
09:23:35Buy Up0.2250.0005.0-40.0
09:23:35Buy Up0.2250.00045.044.7
09:23:00Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-0.7
09:21:41Buy Up0.2250.0051.0-2.6
09:20:36Buy Up0.220-0.0053.6-1.3
09:20:34Buy Up0.2250.00550.045.9
09:20:34Buy Up0.2250.0054.90.1
09:20:34Buy Up0.220-0.0054.8-45.2
09:20:31Buy Up0.2200.0004.1-0.7
09:20:30Buy Up0.2250.0004.84.5
09:20:30Buy Up0.2250.0000.3-29.7
09:20:30Buy Up0.220-0.0054.80.0
09:20:29Buy Up0.2250.00530.026.0
09:20:17Buy Up0.220-0.0054.0-18.0
09:20:16Buy Up0.2250.00022.017.0
09:18:00Buy Up0.2250.0050.3-3.4
09:18:00Buy Up0.2250.0005.04.7
09:16:00Buy Up0.2200.0003.7-10.0
09:15:58Buy Up0.2250.000100.095.2
09:15:58Buy Up0.220-0.00513.7-86.3
09:14:59Buy Up0.2250.0053.0-1.2
09:14:59Buy Up0.2250.0004.81.8
09:13:34Buy Up0.220-0.0054.2-25.8
09:13:33Buy Up0.2250.00530.025.9
09:11:49Buy Up0.220-0.0054.1-1.0
09:11:48Buy Up0.2250.0005.14.9
09:09:48Buy Up0.2250.0000.2-5.1
09:06:37Buy Up0.2250.0005.30.3
09:01:34Buy Up0.2250.0005.03.9
09:01:34Buy Up0.2250.0001.10.9
09:01:28Buy Up0.2250.0050.2-3.8
09:01:25Buy Up0.2200.0004.0-2.4
09:01:24Buy Up0.220-0.0056.41.0
09:01:23Buy Up0.2250.00050.043.7
09:01:23Buy Up0.2250.0005.4-44.6
09:00:10Buy Up0.2250.0056.32.8
09:00:04Buy Up0.2250.0005.2-94.8
09:00:04Buy Up0.220-0.0053.5-1.7
09:00:03Buy Up0.2250.000100.0-268.4
08:58:37Buy Up0.2250.225368.4368.4