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Ban Leong (B26)

Company Info and Fundamentals

Principal Activities
Ban Leong Technologies Limited is a distributor of multimedia and data storage products as well as IT accessories. The Group carries a wide range of various brand names, in three broad categories namely, Multimedia products, Data storage products and IT accessories. Multimedia products comprise audio and visual IT products such as computer speakers, CRT and LCD monitors, graphic cards, MP3 players and sound cards while the Data storage products are tape storage, hard disk cases and CD-ROMs. The IT accessories consists of PC-related accessories such as mice, keyboards and networking products such as switches, routers and wireless cards.
The Group intends to focus on its expansion plans in regional countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
Full NameBan Leong Technologies LimitedStock NoB26
ExchangeSingapore Exchange (SGX)BoardMain board
ISIN CodeSG1R62925800Year-End31-Mar
Exchange SectorCommerceSub SectorElectronic Equipment, Instrume
Par Value (SGD)0.0000Issued Shares (Mil)117.1820
Paid-Up Cap. (SGD Mil)11.7190Market Capitalization (Mil)28.1237
Share Price (SGD)
Current Price0.00
Previous Close0.24
Week High0.24
Week Low0.22
Month High0.25
Month Low0.22
52-week High0.30
52-week Low0.22
Share Price Performance(%)
MTD change-100.0000
YTD change-100.0000
Today Volume('000)0
100-day Average Daily Volume ('000)43.99
Technical Indicators-A shapshot
100-day Moving average0.25
Ratio (Daily)
Dividend Yield6.25
P/E ratio7.84

Financial Ratios
Exchange Rate*---
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity11.58718.70011.528
Return on Revenue2.2143.4312.066
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity1.8591.8641.872
Return on Revenue1.1111.1551.236
Gross Eps (cents) *3.0604.7202.530
Dividend (cents) *1.5001.7501.000
Net tangible asset0.3810.3990.434
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share0.1210.4230.229
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Financial Ratios
2020 Q22019 Q42019 Q22018 Q4
Exchange Rate*----
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity3.22111.5874.82518.700
Return on Revenue1.3042.2141.8533.431
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity2.1051.8591.9571.864
Return on Revenue1.1791.1111.0101.155
Gross Eps (cents) *0.8503.0601.2104.720
Dividend (cents) *0.0001.0000.5001.250
Net tangible asset0.4160.3810.4050.399
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share-0.1110.121-0.4370.423
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Analysis Of Shareholdings
As At 20 June 2018

Shares Outstanding:115,222,000
Largest 30 Shareholders:101,409,718
Balance Float (%):11.99
Free Float (%):34.47

1.Wang Wei 28,281,000 24.54
2.Teng Woo Boon 26,066,000 22.62
3.Teng Kim Sui 6,902,000 5.99
4.Kim Seng Holdings Pte Ltd 4,999,000 4.34
5.Loh Yih 4,500,000 3.91
6.Chng Hock Huat 4,008,000 3.48
7.Cheung Miu Yin 3,800,000 3.30
8.Teo Su Ching 3,208,000 2.78
9.Neo Gim Kiong 3,094,100 2.68
10.Lo Yew Seng 2,966,000 2.57
11.Hong Leong Finance Nominees Pte Ltd 2,600,000 2.26
12.Teng Kin Chong 2,000,000 1.74
13.UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd 1,744,818 1.51
14.Ang Chai Ling (Hong Cailing) 1,500,000 1.30
15.Yeo Siong Chan 1,212,800 1.05
16.Wong Kahoe 1,083,000 0.94
17.Ng Poh Kheng 1,035,000 0.90
18.Yu Lihong 1,008,000 0.88
19.OCBC Securities Private Ltd 769,000 0.67
20.Teo Chong Hock 633,000 0.55
Historical Prices
OpenHighLowCloseVol('000)O/C RangeH/L Range
Time and Sales

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