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GL (B16)

Company Info and Fundamentals

Principal Activities
The initial focus was to acquire substantial shareholdings in public companies in New Zealand and Australia. By the 1980s, the Company acquired numerous global investments with shareholdings in over 300 companies. In the late 1980s, GL began to realign its strategy by focusing on a smaller number of assets with a core of trading subsidiaries and associated companies.

Following the Asian economic crisis in 1997, the Board initiated a review of corporate philosophy and investment strategy. This led to the write-down of asset values, disposal of a number of investments, the reduction of bank debt, a new management team and a new strategic focus for the Company. In 1999, its domicile was transferred to Bermuda. In 2000, its global head office was moved to Singapore and its primary share market listing was moved to the Singapore Exchange, with secondary listings on the London and New Zealand Stock Exchanges. The company's primary role is as an active investor with strategic shareholdings and active investment management aimed at extracting and maximizing shareholder value.

GL's primary role is as an active investor with strategic holdings and active investment management aimed at extracting and maximising shareholder value. The Company's current focus is on Hotels and Resorts development.
Full NameGL LimitedStock NoB16
ExchangeSingapore Exchange (SGX)BoardMain board
ISIN CodeBMG392401094Year-End30-Jun
Exchange SectorMulti-industrySub SectorHotel, Restaurant & Leisure
Par Value (USD)0.2000Issued Shares (Mil)1368.0640
Paid-Up Cap. (USD Mil)273.6000Market Capitalization (Mil)1101.2915
Share Price (SGD)
Current Price0.81
Previous Close0.80
Week High0.81
Week Low0.79
Month High0.81
Month Low0.76
52-week High0.83
52-week Low0.72
Share Price Performance(%)
MTD change1.8987
YTD change9.5238
Today Volume('000)581.6
100-day Average Daily Volume ('000)227.77
Technical Indicators-A shapshot
100-day Moving average0.78
Ratio (Daily)
Dividend Yield2.73
P/E ratio20.64

Financial Ratios
Exchange Rate*---
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity4.6735.3514.668
Return on Revenue14.40017.13114.154
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity4.8074.8693.467
Return on Revenue1.9412.4021.446
Gross Eps (cents) *3.9004.5003.800
Dividend (cents) *2.2002.2001.600
Net tangible asset5.8625.0199.415
Price to cash flow ratio11.31113.63412.230
Cash for per share0.0710.0590.066
Price to book ratio0.8070.8070.807
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Financial Ratios
2020 Q12019 Q42019 Q32019 Q2
Exchange Rate*----
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity1.3104.6732.6382.984
Return on Revenue12.56514.40011.00616.963
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity3.6384.1005.0695.550
Return on Revenue1.4191.7671.9662.221
Gross Eps (cents) *0.9003.9002.4002.600
Dividend (cents) *0.0002.2000.0000.000
Net tangible asset5.7145.8626.1975.790
Price to cash flow ratio17.18811.52213.72417.171
Cash for per share0.0470.0700.0590.047
Price to book ratio0.8070.8070.8070.807
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Analysis Of Shareholdings
As At 11 September 2019

Shares Outstanding:1,368,063,633
Largest 30 Shareholders:1,238,632,396
Balance Float (%):9.44
Free Float (%):29.46

1.GuocoLeisure Assets Limited 944,941,034 69.07
2.UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd 104,312,352 7.62
3.Citibank Nominees Singapore Pte Ltd 38,932,139 2.85
4.DBS Nominees Pte Ltd 34,353,596 2.51
5.CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd 14,561,245 1.06
6.Raffles Nominees (Pte) Limited 13,075,273 0.96
7.United Overseas Bank Nominees (Private) Limited 11,436,867 0.84
8.Merrill Lynch (Singapore) Pte Ltd 10,628,093 0.78
9.Phillip Securities Pte Ltd 10,267,094 0.75
10.Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte. Ltd. 10,224,000 0.75
11.OCBC Securities Private Limited 7,595,907 0.56
12.Haw Par Securities (Private) Limited 6,925,717 0.51
13.Lim & Tan Securities Pte Ltd 6,714,650 0.49
14.Hong Leong Finance Nominees Pte Ltd 6,346,800 0.46
15.Heng Siew Eng 5,503,600 0.40
16.Waterworth Pte Ltd 5,000,000 0.37
17.BPSS Nominees Singapore (Pte.) Ltd. 2,143,394 0.16
18.DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd 2,128,135 0.16
19.Prima Portfolio Pte Ltd 1,942,500 0.14
20.Teo Chiang Song 1,600,000 0.12
Historical Prices
OpenHighLowCloseVol('000)O/C RangeH/L Range
Time and Sales
TypeLast DoneChangeVolume ('000)
17:04:33Buy Up0.8050.00024.524.4
16:59:42Buy Up0.8050.0000.1-0.1
16:59:32Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
16:59:13Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
16:58:53Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
16:58:27Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
16:58:09Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
16:57:39Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
16:56:27Buy Up0.8050.0000.2-0.2
16:46:09Buy Up0.8050.0000.4-29.6
16:44:53Buy Up0.8050.00030.025.0
16:43:55Buy Up0.805-0.0055.04.8
16:42:56Buy Up0.8100.0050.2-0.2
16:32:07Buy Up0.8050.0000.40.1
16:30:44Buy Up0.8050.0000.3-0.7
16:28:23Buy Up0.8050.0001.0-4.0
16:26:59Buy Up0.8050.0005.0-17.3
16:17:44Buy Up0.8050.00022.3-35.5
16:17:34Buy Up0.8050.00057.827.8
16:17:19Buy Up0.805-0.00530.029.8
16:15:00Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
16:11:03Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
16:07:43Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
16:03:23Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:58:48Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:54:51Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:50:30Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:45:34Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:43:00Buy Up0.8100.0050.2-1.8
15:42:45Buy Up0.805-0.0052.01.8
15:39:54Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:36:44Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:33:30Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:28:55Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:25:01Buy Up0.8100.0000.20.0
15:21:20Buy Up0.8100.0000.2-5.8
15:21:18Buy Up0.8100.0006.05.8
15:18:36Buy Up0.8100.0056.0-78.1
15:18:36Buy Up0.8100.0000.2-5.8
15:14:19Buy Up0.8050.00084.183.9
15:13:36Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
15:10:20Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
15:05:24Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
15:02:11Buy Up0.8050.0050.2-10.0
14:36:02Buy Up0.800-0.00510.210.0
14:35:06Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:30:26Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:26:48Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:22:30Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:18:50Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:14:30Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:09:30Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:05:10Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
14:01:12Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
13:57:52Buy Up0.8050.0050.2-1.8
13:48:57Buy Up0.8000.0002.01.9
13:47:08Buy Up0.800-0.0050.10.0
13:37:01Buy Up0.8050.0000.10.0
13:36:44Buy Up0.8050.0000.1-9.9
11:59:59Buy Up0.8050.00510.0-25.0
11:59:27Buy Up0.800-0.00535.034.8
11:58:31Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
11:57:11Buy Up0.8050.0000.2-3.8
11:57:03Buy Up0.8050.0004.03.8
11:56:11Buy Up0.8050.0000.2-7.8
11:55:01Buy Up0.8050.0008.07.8
11:54:51Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
11:52:51Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
11:48:51Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
11:45:11Buy Up0.8050.0050.2-14.8
11:40:52Buy Up0.800-0.00515.014.8
11:40:31Buy Up0.8050.0000.20.0
11:36:11Buy Up0.8050.0050.2-9.3
11:23:41Buy Up0.800-0.0059.59.1
10:55:31Buy Up0.8050.0000.4-1.2
10:52:38Buy Up0.805-0.0051.61.5
10:52:37Buy Up0.8100.0050.1-0.9
10:52:31Buy Up0.8050.0051.0-97.7
10:52:18Buy Up0.8000.00098.798.3
10:52:12Buy Up0.8000.0000.40.1
10:52:10Buy Up0.8000.0000.30.1
10:52:07Buy Up0.8000.0000.20.1
10:52:05Buy Up0.8000.0000.1-0.1
10:52:01Buy Up0.8000.0000.2-0.8
10:51:26Buy Up0.8000.0001.0-49.0
10:49:46Buy Up0.8000.00050.030.0
10:49:38Buy Up0.8000.00020.019.8
10:47:11Buy Up0.8000.0000.20.0
10:42:42Buy Up0.8000.0000.20.0
10:38:51Buy Up0.8000.0000.20.0
10:34:55Buy Up0.8000.0050.2-5.2
10:11:26Buy Up0.7950.0005.4-0.8
10:09:39Buy Up0.7950.0006.21.2
09:47:57Buy Up0.7950.0005.03.0
09:43:41Buy Up0.7950.0002.01.6
09:09:15Buy Up0.7950.0000.40.1
09:07:13Buy Up0.7950.0000.3-0.3
09:06:09Buy Up0.7950.0000.6-0.2
09:05:04Buy Up0.7950.0000.8-2.0
09:04:05Buy Up0.7950.0002.8-2.2
09:03:43Buy Up0.7950.7955.05.0