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Lee Metal - DL (593)

Company Info and Fundamentals

Principal Activities
The Company is an integrated one-stop shop supplying reinforcement steel products without making heavy capital investments in steel mills. Instead it works with a network of steel mills. The Company also has a complementary steel recycling materials (SRM) division which supports its main business as well as land and marine logistics capabilities for the transportation of these products to local and overseas customers.

The Company sources its steel products from various countries including Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Romania, China and Ukraine. It has a domestic network of suppliers from whom it substantially sources for its SRM. The reinforcement steel products are sold principally to local contractors for use in the domestic construction and infrastructure industry and SRM is exported to regional steel mills for recycling. The Group has an L6 registration status with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) which allows it to bid for public sector projects of unlimited value and HDB approved supplier status which allows it to bid for bulk contracts for the supply of cut-and-bend reinforcement steel bars to HDB projects.

In 1999, the Group expanded its business activities to include manufacturing of steel welded mesh and has obtained approval from HDB to supply steel welded mesh for HDB projects.

In February 2000, the Company secured land from the PSA for the development of a seafront integrated steel merchandising and cut-and-bend centre at Sembawang Port.

To derive benefits in terms of better operational efficiencies and cost savings in itsSRM operations through economics of scale and synergy, on July 2001, the Company merge its SRM operations with Natsteel Ltd's subsidiary, Materials Recycling Pte Ltd, to form Natferrous Pte Ltd. As a result of the merger, the Group currently owns 20 percent of NatFerrous Pte Ltd. To cement the collaboration, the Company has issued 60m shares of $0.05 each to Natsteel Ltd, representing 16.7 percent of the enlarged share capital after the alloment.
Full NameLee Metal Group LimitedStock No593
ExchangeSingapore Exchange (SGX)BoardMain board
ISIN CodeYear-End31-Dec
Exchange SectorCommerceSub Sector1
Par Value (SGD)0.0000Issued Shares (Mil)474.5510
Paid-Up Cap. (SGD Mil)46.4730Market Capitalization (Mil)199.3114
Share Price (SGD)
Current Price0.00
Previous Close0.42
Week High0.42
Week Low0.42
Month High0.43
Month Low0.42
52-week High0.43
52-week Low0.28
Share Price Performance(%)
MTD change-100.0000
YTD change-100.0000
Today Volume('000)0
100-day Average Daily Volume ('000)802.33
Technical Indicators-A shapshot
100-day Moving average0.41
Ratio (Daily)
Dividend Yield4.76
P/E ratio26.58

Financial Ratios
Exchange Rate*---
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity4.1107.2008.616
Return on Revenue2.2144.1783.496
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity1.6562.1032.042
Return on Revenue0.8481.4371.365
Gross Eps (cents) *1.5802.8103.280
Dividend (cents) *2.0002.0002.000
Net tangible asset0.3550.3540.338
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share-0.8840.6691.595
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
Financial Ratios
2018 Q12017 Q42017 Q32017 Q2
Exchange Rate*----
Profitability Ratio
Return on Equity1.5504.1103.0211.987
Return on Revenue2.8582.2142.2342.263
Liquidity Ratio
Return on Equity1.6701.6562.3791.802
Return on Revenue0.8480.8481.5811.095
Gross Eps (cents) *0.6001.5801.1600.760
Dividend (cents) *0.0001.0001.0000.700
Net tangible asset0.3430.3550.3520.355
Price to cash flow ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
Cash for per share-0.511-0.884-0.002-0.732
Price to book ratio0.0000.0000.0000.000
* Calculation is based on the specific Currency Exchange Rate
No Data Avaliable