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DZH International

DZH International is Asia's leading financial solutions provider offering an integrated consolidated suite of reliable real-time market data, trading execution, in-depth news and analytical tools. Through its financial solutions terminals, information portal, financial conferences & education events, DZH International delivers unparalleled insights and trading solutions to the institutional and retail investment community. DZH International is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai DZH.

Shanghai DZH

Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai DZH is the largest provider of financial information for business professionals in mainland China through Internet-based platforms such as software terminals, mobile, financial economic websites and publications. Shanghai DZH has 2,500 staff and a total of 130 million registered Chinese users with an online reach of 5 million per day through its desktop financial terminal & 3.5 million per day through its mobile financial terminal. It is headquartered in Shanghai with operations across mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Product and Services
Financial Terminal
Conference and Education
DZH International has developed a series of application based financial terminals to deliver real time market information, trading execution and decision support tools.
We have continually supported the Asia's financial ecosystem by catering to individuals, institutional investors, brokers and dealers.
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Using an online based platform, DZH International provides timely information, tools and financial data to traders & investors in Asia. Through our web portal, database reach and investor relations services, DZH International provides effective direct touch points between financial services providers and their target investor group
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DZH International produces high-level investment conferences, trading seminars and finance professional training programs in China, Singapore, Malaysia and beyond, connecting and delivering the best to Asia’s finance community.
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